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Exalt Technologies has been developing software products for the Insolvency accounting market for over 17 years.  Our products are used by customers all around the world.

We distribute software directly to customers or through re-seller distribution agreements.


Our Services

Insolvency Practice Management

We provide the benchmark in insolvency practice management software used by the majority of practitioners in Australia.


We are the developers of the insolvency creditors' portal.


Banking Integration

We provide a full suite of banking integration services including  electronic payment processing, bank feeds and auto reconciliation.

Cloud Desktop

Contact us if you want to discuss hosted environments and cloud infrastructure


We provide telephone support for our products but contacting the support channels in your country.


We integrate with external products such as document management and practice management systems


“I love using your software. You guys are great.”

Claire Birnie
Gervase Consulting


Ready to find out more?

For more information on our insolvency software visit the support websites for knowledgebase articles and product information:


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